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About Us


Yaya’s old cellar was filled with aromas from the exceptionally fragrant herbs and spices, all tied up, hanging upside down -from the stems to the leaves, allowing the gentle and refreshing flow of air coming through the little window, to dry them naturally.

The bold aroma of oregano, the earthy scent of thyme, the sweet fragrance of marjoram, the woody-smelling rosemary…

Therefore, the love that every one of us had for our Yaya turned into a love for planting herbs, an activity that has been growing alongside our family throughout the decades. Our family’s appointment around the table for the traditional “oregano and veg” dish or for the dinner tea was not to be missed. It all started on a small scale at Yaya’s small farm-house garden, then on a larger scale and a commercial operation, always respecting the old organic and traditional growing systems.

Our nostalgic recollection became valuable knowledge and unstoppable interest, embracing our family’s farming traditions, from generation to generation up until the current days!

Nowadays, all-time classic recipes borrowed from Yaya’s recipe box, full of spices, become modern pure organic products -from farm to fork- aiming to deliver an unforgettable gastronomic experience.