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Pure organic Traditional cutlivation of high quality exclusively bio-products

Traditional Organic Farming

Started as a group of family and friends sharing a common vision and core values to utilize the unique plants of our homeland, having great respect for the environment and the unparalleled natural beauty of Greece. We aim to provide pure organic commodities handled with love, following 50 years of authentic traditional farming recipes combined with the modern agri-food industry knowledge provided by specialists. The goal remains the same: A farm-to-fork approach of organic aromatic & medicinal plants and herbs of high quality, consistency, reliability, and continuous growth.

From Farm to Fork

Smell and Taste the great flavours, harvested from our fields and delivered straight to you.

We cultivate and prepare the soil to be ready for the organic rooted plant cuttings and seedlings plantation.


We continuously work the soil in order to provide good aeration, remove the weeds and prepare the best conditions for growth. Our methods are exclusively organic excluding the agro-chemical usage.


Using a combination of traditional hand-picking and light agriculture machinery, all crops are harvested by hired local farm workers


All herbs are dried using the natural drying methods maintaining all the natural colours, flavours and smells while the next step is the processing in order to get the leaves. All the processing is done with the human touch.


At this stage, leaves and flowers are hand-sorted and classified for quality before final packaging. We use in-house designed environmentally friendly packaging for all our products.


Finally, our products are handled with care and prepared for safe delivery to you. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience.

Our Heritage

Our residence is based in Axiochori, a small village in Northern Greece and Central Macedonia. Macedonia was the ancient kingdom of Alexander the Great on the periphery of Archaic and Classical Greece, and later the dominant state of Hellenistic Greece. The region of Axiochori is of great historical interest and its ancient name was Amydon. Amydon (Ancient Greek: Ἀμυδώνgen: Ἀμυδῶνος) was a town of ancient Macedonia in the lower Axios (the river) region of Amphaxitis. It is mentioned by Homer, as the capital of the Paeonians, who under Pyraechmes fought on the Trojan side in the Trojan War and afterwards, were annexed to the kingdom of Macedonia. Bernard Hensel, professor of archeology at the Free University of Berlin, was adamant:

“Here in Axiochori was the center of a kingdom, to which the area up to Kastanas and probably up to Limnotopos belonged.”